Debra Hope BSc (Hons) Registered Midwife & Tongue-Tie Practitioner

About me

I have worked as a midwife since 2006 and I am registered with the NMC Pin 06G0890E  I trained as a Tongue-tie assessor and division practitioner at the RVI in Newcastle in 2017 and since then provided this service through the NHS and more recently through a private practice.  I provide Tongue-Tie assessment and division and will support you in your feeding choices.  I am insured through Private Midwives,  regulated by CQC And a member of The Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners.


A Tongue-Tie is when a thin membrane of skin (lingual frenulum) attaches the tongue to the lower gum edge or the floor of the mouth, which restricts the movement of the tongue.  It can be attached at the front of the tongue or further back.  It can be obvious and restrict the tip of the tongue causing a heart shape or be less obvious and posterior which tethers the tongue to the floor of the mouth.  The procedure to release the tongue is called Frenulotomy.

Most common signs of a Tongue-Tie

  • Sore/damaged nipples
  • Constant feeding
  • Clicking noises during feed
  • Reflux/ colic
  • Baby slipping off nipple
  • Baby unable to hold dummy in mouth

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