Debra Hope BSc (Hons) Registered Midwife & Tongue-Tie Practitioner

Tongue-tie Division

How a tongue-tie is divided

Division of a tongue-tie is done by snipping the frenulum under the tongue.  The division can be performed at your home and is performed using sterile single use scissors and gloves under direct light.  It takes seconds and often causes no discomfort at all for your baby.  Anaesthetic is not used and bleeding is usually minimal.

Your appointment will include a discussion of your feeding story and I like to observe a feed so we can look at positioning and attachment and solve any issues.  I will look at baby's tongue function and discuss my findings with you.  If we go ahead with the division I will discuss with you what to expect regarding healing and may put in a feeding plan.  I am available via mobile phone for any questions or queries afterwards and will ring you for followup and feedback.

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